Les Louerettes

/ Here is what you will need to know /

Two weeks before, if you haven't sent in the information yet:
Dietary/ Allergies information
Please send the dietary/ allergies information

Arrival time
Please inform us about your approximate arrival time

Meal times
Please let us know your preferred meal times

Duvet Covers not included
Please note that guests are expected to bring their own sleeping bags; however, if necessary, they have the option to rent duvet covers. They can be rented for a one-time fee of 15CHF. If you wish to do so, please pre-order them.

Bus Parking and Unloading/Loading:
The best location for parking the bus and unloading/loading the group is directly next to the Les Bergers restaurant (photo 1). Your group can safely exit or enter the bus here and walk on the balcony around the building to our main entrance.

Buses can park here . The driver can take the shuttle bus back.
(if there are any issues, parking is handled by the police Nendaz)

Car Parking:
Private cars can be unloaded in front of our building for 30 minutes. After this period and for overnight stays, please use one of the new parking spaces (see photo) in Zone 1, 2, 3.

Zone 1 (green area): Daytime parking from 8 am to 12 am – alternatively possible from 12 am to 8 am. Parking meter on location.
Zone 2 (blue area): Daytime parking from 8 am to 9 pm. This zone will be equipped with access control barriers.
Zone 3 (yellow area): Daytime parking from 8 am to 12 am. This zone will also be equipped with access control barriers.
Zone 4 (red area): Parking for NV Remontées mécaniques SA staff.
Zone 5 (purple area): Long-term parking (24 hours or more). This zone is dedicated to long-term parking (24 hours or more) for residents of "PPE Mont-Fort" and "Chalet Les Rosettes"

  • Day from 8 am to 6 pm: 5.- CHF
  • Extended day from 8 am to 12 am (*): 10.- CHF
  • Night from 12 am to 8 am (zone 1 only): 1.- CHF per hour (*Users who park only in the time slot from 6 pm to 12 am pay 5.- CHF.)

When booking full board with us, please note that we ask for students to assist our kitchen team with setting the table, dishwashing, and cleaning. All meals will be served at Louerettes or Les Bergers, both located 50m from the main entrance.

See example menu for school groups on top.
Lunch consists of a bottle of water, a snack, some fruits. The students make the sandwich themselves.

Check-in from 3pm. Early arrivals only upon request.

Mr. Kostiantyn Lysenko, +41 79 432 16 77 , will coordinate your arrival and departure and will be your main point of contact during your stay.

Upon arrival, there will be an arrival checklist that your group leader will go through with our staff.
If there are cleanliness issues, please notify them immediately.

Report any broken items within 24 hours of arrival via email including a photo to info@louerettes.ch.

What is provided?

For full-board we provide:
+ toilet paper
+ cleaning material
+ bin bags

For self-caterer we provide the basic supplies for the first night.

Cleaning Guidelines
Before you leave, please

+ Wash any dishes, utensils, and cookware used during your stay and put them away

+ Fridge and freezer should be emptied

+ Water from dishwasher should be removed. See here how: VIDEO

+ Dispose of Garbage: Empty trash bins and dispose of garbage in community bin bags into the designated containers. Community bin bags can be bought at supermarkets, in the shop across from Les Louerettes or from us if requested in advance.
Detailed information on where to find the garbage disposal and recycling can be found here: VIDEO

+ Tidy Up Spaces: Return furniture and belongings to their original positions.

Cleaning supplies such as vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, can be found here: VIDEO

A supplementary cleaning of the bathrooms will take place on Wednesdays for full board bookings.

Check-out 11:00 AM, alternative time on request in advance.

Please inform us about your estimated Depatrure time 48hrs before.

Our staff will accompany you during the departure checklist to ensure the premises are left clean (see Cleaning Guidelines).

Les Bergers is around the corner. Chez Caroline is near the Gondola Station in Siviez. The map can be found here
A convenient store can be found across from Les Louerettes. There is a Coop and 13PAM in Nendaz. See here

Skiing / Snowboarding
Ski-Lift Tickets: Lift Tickets can be bought here

Ski / Snowboard Rentals: Equipment can be rented here

Ski Area: description and map here

House Manual
Ski Equipment Storage

Ski storage is available in our small shed on the left side of the terrace. The key is the same as the main door.
More information can be found here: VIDEO

Swiss Power Outlets
Please note that Switzerland has its own power outlets. You might need an adapter.

WiFi is available on-site; network names vary, but the password is "siviez1997."
Hot Water

Hot and cold water is pre-mixed throughout the building. VIDEO
Coffee Machine
How to operate the coffee machine.
How to operate the stove
How to operate the oven
How to operate the dishwasher
Garbage and REcycling
How and where to deposit the garbage
How to operate the alarm

House Rules
Quiet times
No music outside the building between 10:00 PM - 07:00 AM.

Smoking after 10:00 PM should be done next to the river, using the side door as an entrance.

Accidents can happen; please report any damage during your stay with a photo within 24hrs to info@louerettes.ch

Fire Alarm
Avoid unnecessary use of the fire alarm; the cost of firefighters' intervention will be charged in full.