Les Louerettes

Les Louerettes is suitable for the particularly sporty!
Skiing, snowboarding, ski touring or mountain biking. Our mountains offer you endless possibilities!
We welcome you to our group house Les Louerettes

50 beds in shared rooms (2, 4, 6, 8, 10)
2 lounges
Kitchen for larger groups / self-catering / half board / full board
Ski in / ski out
large terrace

We rent Les Louerettes to groups, use it for our ski hostel or for our language camps and during certain periods also rent out single beds or rooms via Airbnb / Booking.com or directly via our booking site.

Ski Hostel Offers:
Ski weeks, yoga weeks, hiking weeks, family hostel

friLingue and DIDAC offers:
Language camps / language year

The 4 Vallée unfolds on our doorstep! 450 kilometers of slopes, mogul slopes, carving, countless cable cars, 10-seater armchairs and snow cannons en masse, as if someone wanted to go into the snow war against Frau Holle. We are right in the middle of it, instead of just being there, and we defend ourselves against climate change! With us you sleep in shared rooms! With sleeping bag! There is no snoring! For us, the community counts (and the number of kilometers of slopes covered).
We communicate and excommunicate (in the canton of Valais)!
And now let's be honest!
Please everyone stop by!

Siviez used to be called Super Nendaz ...

The municipality of Nendaz includes 15 villages, which are located at different altitudes between the Rhône plain (460 m above sea level) such as B. Aproz and the highest village Siviez at 1730 m above sea level. M. The most important village is Haute-Nendaz (German Ober-Neind). The highest point in the municipality is the summit of Rosablanche at 3336 m above sea level. In contrast to Haute-Nendaz, the district of Aproz lies at the foot of the steep mountain slope in the Rhône Valley. A road from Basse-Nendaz (Eng. Unter-Neind) leads over the district of Fey on a serpentine road to Aproz, where the Printze from Siviez flows into the Rhône.

The summit of Dent de Nendaz (2,463 m above sea level) rises south of the main settlement area of Haute-Nendaz / Nendaz Station. On its northern slope there is a material cable car to the Tracouet moated castle (2250 m above sea level), which is an intermediate station of the pressure line (with a world record gradient of 1883 m) from Lac des Dix to the Bieudron power station (481 m above sea level).
From the district of Nendaz Station, which is directly connected to Haute-Nendaz, an orbit with 12-person gondolas runs up the steep Tracouet mountain spur (2200 m above sea level). Here a chair lift leads further south to Alp Prarion (1839 m above sea level). Between Tracouet and the Dent de Nendaz there is the mountain lake Lac Noir (2171 m above sea level), which is presumably fed by an underground glacier on the northern slope of the Dent de Nendaz.

Further south, about 700 m from Lac Noir, the Balavaux alpine farm is located on the alp of the same name, in the vicinity of which there are still isolated larches with an age of up to about a thousand years. There are said to be around 250 trees of different ages here. [3]
We have been organizing our school ski camp in Siviez since 2015. The group house is well equipped and scores above all with its proximity to the 4 Vallée. We are enthusiastic and come back every year ...
Salvatore Gulli, Zürich, Sekundarlehrer
Les Louerettes
Route de Siviez 29
1997 Siviez